25. Oktober 2022
Hunting and enjoying the last varm, sunny days in this unbelievable Autumn colors 🍂💕
06. Februar 2022
Winter 2022 with a lot of activities
Winter is now in his best "showing" - sun and snow and endless view :-)
29. Oktober 2021
Hunting season is one of the activities you are able to do in this nice time of the year. Let you inspire 😊🇸🇪😉
14. März 2021
SUP - stand up paddle
NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS we bought 3 SUP's for renting out in our holiday lodges 'Gammal stugan' and 'VILLA KURIOSA' Here with SKOGSFEEN you can go for adventures on the lake with: Rowing boat and 5 canoes, 1 big rubber dinghy and with 3 SUP's Please get in contact, we give you some nice ideas :-) Team SKOGSFEEN
26. Januar 2021
Snowmobil, Icefishing, Cross country skiing
Clear blue sky - cold temperatures... this is Sweden in January. Here with SKOGSFEEN you can go for Icefishing, Hunting (Topjagd), Cross country skiing on your own tracks, skiing not so fare away, snowshoe hiking and a lot more! Please get in contact, we give you some nice ideas :-) Team SKOGSFEEN
05. Januar 2021
Janina, January 2021 „A fantastic, stylish and cozy place by the lake. The house is fantastic! All rooms are furnished with love for detail and a feeling for the house, surroundings and landscape. We had an amazing week here with lots of snow, skiing, sauna and good food! The house is very spacious and with the wood heated oven a cozy warms spreads all around the living room. I would definitely recommend this place and I’m exited to be coming back in the summer! Thank you Gabriele and...
01. Januar 2021
Villa Kuriosa...not only a holidayhouse - it`s also a place where you can buy furnitures - like a using showroom
17. Dezember 2020
Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR
22. September 2020
On the 7th of September has start the new mooshunting season... feel welcome to take a look on my Facebook side! Now you can book for 2021... please send me a message: SKOGSFEEN.sweden@gmail.com
03. Juli 2020
We keep our distance and respect rules

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