Adventure tours

All Activities can either be experienced on one's own or we can organize tours depending on your preference.


We have all required equipment available for rent. Additionally, we organize all activities for individuals and groups as adventure tour packages. These can be arranged depending on your individual requirements. 


Please, ask us for further information!


Hiking trails nearby, e.g.: 

  • Mittpunkt Sverie
  • Hiking trail to Prediktstol
  • Hiking trail to Fnussjen
  • STORKLACKEN, Stensån

Mittpunkt sverie

The geological center of Sweden is located about 10 km away from the center of Ytterhogdal. Hiking time is 1 hour (fireplace available)



A 3 hour hiking trail through different landscapes of Sweden leads to the 'Prediktstol', a perfect place for a break, and back to the holiday house.


One reaches 'Fnussjen', a former watchtower built in 1924 to watch forest fires during dry summer periods, after a one hour hike with a wonderful view of Härjedalen.


STORKLACKEN - a wonderful hiking trip here in the aria from YTTERHOGDAL / SKOGSFEEN - 

not fare away we went to a hiking trip for around 3-4 hours - mostly through the forest and on enchanted moss trails to the summit at 544 m above sea level.

There is also a hut here, where you can spend the night or make fire.

Sunrice with a few over HAVERN.

The fairy tales of trolls and FEEN probably originated here...