In the huge, pristine, and vast forests in Härjedalen live in statistical terms more wildlife than human beings. One can still find species like bears, wolves, lynxes, mooses, reindeers, beavers, and wolverines. Likewise, capercaillie and black grouses are represented.


We are organizing hunting trips (1 to several day(s)) together with an experienced hunting guide the whole year. Included in the package are transportation, hunting dogs, and food.

A hunting day can be completed with a moose dinner (3 courses).


In 2017 we have built a new coolingroom/facilities after shooting!


Please, ask us for further information!

Hunting period för 2021/2022:



Bear: 21.08. until the firing amount is reached


Moos: 1.09.  till  31.01. next year ( between this durationa are  3 weeks off in end of sept/

            beginning october)


Roe deer: will be not hunted


Kron deer: 16.08.-31.01. next year 


Forest birds: 25.08. - 15.11. all birds (male and female)

                       16.11. - 15.02. only male


Biber: 1.10.-15.05. next year


For more information or hunting periods for other animals, please send me a e-mail.