location Ytterhogdal/SE - how to come


By car to the ferry port:


   Puttgarden (DE) - Rödby (DK) and than Helsingör (DK) - Helsingbor (SE) or over the       ÖRESUNDBRIDGE (DK till SE)  

   Travemünde (DE) - Malmö (SE) ca. 9 Stunden

   Kiel (DE) - Göteborg (SE) - Night ferry with buffet and cabin approx. 14 hours 

   Rostock/Travemünde (DE) - Trelleborg (SE) ca. 7 hours


We are direct on the E45 - there is a sign SKOGSFEEN

please take a look on google maps.


Ferry companies: www.directferries.de - www.stenaline.de - www.ttline.de




By aircraft/train/bus:


    Stockholm "Arlanda" and then by train / rental car or bus approx. 3-4 hours (train or bus) to Ljusdal

     or approx. 5 hours (car) to Ytterhogdal.

     We can also pick you up from the train/bus (Ljusdal 80 km).



www.herjedalen.se/airport  or https://jonair.worldticket.net to Sveg (45 km) 


or with:


www.sas.se to Östersund (140 km) from there you can rent a car (Europcar).





I have traveled to Ytterhogdal/Sweden on many different routes.


I am happy to send you further information. 

Mit dem Auto durch Schweden - Tipps für Euren Roadtrip

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